About this server

About this server


This is a very small experimental server based on a Raspberry Pi 2.

It is installed and maintained by Peppe Echo/1CT303 and used for fun and learning.

Its main features are:

- always on-line, FTTH connected

- 100% off-grid and solar powered

- very low power consumption

- Debian based, open-source software

- filesystem runs entirely on hard-disk after boot

- uses HTTPS only, Let's Encrypt certificated

It started with just the webSDR service, unsecurely exposed to the web and running on SD card as usual. Then I got sick of filesystem corruptions and moved everything to an hard disk. Things got way better so I thought it could be cool to implement some skills and add some useful services to what was looking more like a real server.

By now, even though the webSDR and ADS-B receiver remain the only publicly available services along with server monitoring tool, the server is used for file sharing, CC-TV, download client and other multimedia stuff.

Work is always on progress and I'm planning to add other public services like:

-VLF sound card receiver

-meteo station

-ADS-B receiver ---now added in another raspberry

-AIS receiver

-TOR relay node

-whatever the CPU and RAM will allow :)

Special thanks goes to MrGrady for donating the hardware to the cause and for the support.

If you read all of this, you deserve a little gift.